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Construction projects are often complicated; linking parties in a chain of reliance on one another. To the best of your ability, you should know who you are doing business with and thoughtfully consider a contract before jumping in to start work. Burdensome contract terms, unreasonable timelines, extremely low bids, uninformed parties and problematic business practices are many of the pitfalls.

A diligent business owner will secure its right to payment, to the extent possible, prior to performing any work on the project. New North Carolina laws require a Notice to Lien Agent for protection of lien rights. Most statutes in North Carolina’s lien and bond claim laws have strict procedure and deadlines. If you are unsure about any of these processes, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Kurtz Law practices in the following areas:


∙           Supplier/Subcontractor contract disputes

∙           Lien and Payment and Performance Bond claims

∙           Homeowner claims

∙           Open account collections

∙           Negotiating, drafting and reviewing construction contracts, supply contracts, equipment leases, bonds, security agreements, change orders, notices and other project-specific agreements.

∙           Owners

∙           Mediation/arbitration regarding construction projects


Kurtz Law has over 15 years’ experience representing clients in the construction industry. We represent the following:


∙           Material suppliers

∙           Equipment supply companies

∙           Contractors and subcontractors

∙           Architects and engineers

Attorneys are valuable for more than just litigation or dispute resolution. Consulting with an attorney for the operations of your business or at the start of a project can streamline your business and reduce contract and project claims. A qualified attorney can draft and review contracts for provisions specific to the construction industry and in the best interest of your business.

The scope of the project and your work, the risk each party bears, provision of materials, payments for materials and labor and applicable timelines are all determined prior to work. Don’t take these matters for granted or rely on standard practices. Seek advice from an attorney to secure protection of your rights.

Knowledge of the current North Carolina laws governing construction projects is mandatory and clients should seek an attorney with experience. Contact Kurtz Law for a consultation.

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