General Civil Litigation  

The majority of the practice at Kurtz Law falls under the umbrella of general civil litigation. Civil litigation is generally defined as a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking money damages or specific performance. Civil attorneys don’t seek criminal penalties and are “litigators” or “trial lawyers.”

The representation of clients for civil litigation matters also includes activities that arise pre-litigation. Actions such as drafting and reviewing contracts, producing standard forms, consulting with respect to business practices, negotiations, mediations and settlement conferences are all valuable practices for which to consult with an attorney.

Civil litigation takes place in the small claims, District and Superior Courts of North Carolina. Litigation also takes place within the confines of the bankruptcy court and follows many of the same principles. The term litigation generally refers to those matters that take place within the lawsuit: drafting lawsuits, conducting depositions, preparing for trial and trying cases.

Kurtz Law handles civil litigation matters in these areas:

∙           Commercial collections

∙           Construction law

∙           Contract disputes

∙           Secured transactions

∙           Employer/employee contract disputes

∙           Landlord/tenant disputes

∙           Matters involving fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, piercing the corporate veil, unfair competition and similar claims

∙           Litigation within the bankruptcy court

∙           Personal property liens

Kurtz Law provides representation in the North Carolina State courts and the Federal courts in lawsuits and civil litigation. Our practice is statewide, covering many of the counties and all of the North Carolina Federal District courts and Bankruptcy districts.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a litigator and trial lawyer, Ms. Kurtz is adept at handling both pre-litigation and litigation matters, including jury trials. We communicate promptly and frequently with our clients and pledge to provide skilled representation.

Kurtz Law focuses on providing reasonable, efficient and cost-effective representation of its clients. Please contact our office for a consultation today.





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