Lawyers aren’t just for litigation. You can put the experience and expertise of a skilled lawyer to work for you in the day to day operations of your business. To avoid expensive litigation, Kurtz Law provides practical legal advice to parties who seek to enter into contracts. Our services include negotiating, drafting and reviewing proposed contracts.

You’ve heard the saying “get it in writing.” It is easy to forget about the details in the rush to acquire lucrative business. The parties appear to trust each other and the drive to “get along” is strong.

Should a dispute arise at a later time and there is no writing, it is one party’s version of events versus the other party. It is not hard to imagine that it will be difficult to prove your case. While oral contracts are valid, it is always better to have a written contract.

In order to provide the best information to our clients, we are able to weigh important commercial risk information in the pre-contract process. Protect your business interests and seek the counsel of an experienced contract attorney.

In addition to helping clients form contracts and business relationships, we are pleased to provide our services in reviewing our client’s standard form contracts, invoices, purchase orders and the like.

We can help you protect your business and increase your efficiency with standard forms, language and industry terms.

For more complex business transactions, including those with collateral, Kurtz Law has the knowledge to assist the parties in documenting the transaction and securing the collateral.

Kurtz Law assists with the following:

∙           Promissory Notes

∙           Deeds of Trust

∙           Purchase and sale agreements

∙           Security Agreements

∙           Leasing

∙           Asset protection and purchases

∙           Assignments

∙           Credit Applications

∙           Personal Guarantees

∙           Indemnification

∙           Joint pay/joint check agreements

∙           Arbitration agreements

∙           Confidentiality agreements

∙           Service contracts

∙           Consulting agreements

Contracts don’t have to be complex and full of legal terms to be valid. A simple contract may be the best option for your business or personal matters. However, some contracts have specific requirements.

An experienced attorney will understand the needs of the contract based on the type of transaction. Be proactive and contact Kurtz Law for a consultation on your contract matter today.

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