Contract Disputes


Contracts are a standard part of business that arise on a daily basis. Our economy depends on contracts for the buying and selling of goods and services. Contracts define the business relationship and form the structure on which the relationship is based.

The majority of litigation matters involve at least one contract dispute. How the breach of contract is resolved can often profoundly affect a businesses’ bottom line. Kurtz Law has successfully represented businesses big, small, national, regional and local with breach of contract claims.

The best practice is to consult an attorney once a contract dispute arises or when you believe a dispute may arise. Breach of contract matters involve contract terms or definitions, ambiguities in contracts, parties’ duties and timing for action, among other matters.

There are many options available to resolve contract disputes without litigation.  Kurtz Law offers the following:


∙           Settlement agreements

∙           Promissory notes

∙           Payment agreements

∙           Confessions of judgment

∙           Consent to judgment

∙           Releases

∙           Satisfactions

∙           Tolling agreements

∙           Arbitration/mediation agreements

Kurtz Law has handled matters in the state courts of North Carolina across many counties. In addition, we have represented clients in the North Carolina Federal Courts

Besides matters in the court system, contract disputes may also be available for submission to alternative dispute resolutions procedures, such as mediation or arbitration. Each offers benefits that an experienced attorney can share with you including costs, time, confidentiality and potential for future business.

Our goal is to offer our clients a thorough analysis of a breach of contract dispute in order to provide our clients with the best legal approach and enable our clients to make an informed decision from a financial perspective.

Should it not be possible to resolve a contract dispute without litigation, Kurtz Law has handled numerous contract litigation matters in the courts, including matters that are brought to trial.

We are skilled at handling filing of suits, discovery, pre-trial, trial and all other matters that arise during the litigation process.

We can assist with the following types of matters:

∙           Prosecution and defense of all types of breach of contract matters

∙           Industry-specific contract matters, including performance disputes with suppliers and vendors

∙           Construction related contract matters, including open accounts and equipment leases

∙           Landlord/tenant contract disputes

∙           Employment contract matters, including non-competition clauses, non-disclosure agreements and agreement not to solicit and trade secrets

∙           Breach of contract matters which also involve fraud, failure to disclose, unfair competition or breach of fiduciary duty

If you need skilled counsel to seek results on your behalf or defend against claims from others, please contact Kurtz Law for a confidential consultation.



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