Commercial Collections

Kurtz Law has considerable experience in commercial collection, creditor’s rights and debt recovery on behalf of its business clientele. Services provided include the following:

∙           Commercial collections

∙           Accounts receivable recovery

∙           Collection of business accounts/open accounts

∙           Debt recovery litigation

∙           Contract disputes and litigation

∙           Negotiated debt settlement

∙           Judgment enforcement

∙           Bankruptcy creditor representation

∙           Claim and Delivery/Replevin/Collateral recovery


Why should you choose a law firm over a collection agency? Kurtz Law concentrates its efforts in obtaining a resolution of the debt issue through methods and strategies that put the client’s needs first. We consult with our clients on a regular basis and the clients are always in charge of decisions on each matter.

We are your partners and advocates; working with you not against you. Once you have retained an attorney, debtors are aware that the attorney works with the authority of litigation and judgment enforcement. Most collection agencies require matters to be placed with them for some period of time.

Sometimes, the longer a business waits to institute collection, the less likely collection will be successful. In addition, the safeguards to protect a client’s money are stronger with licensed attorneys. Clients will never wait for months to receive funds from Kurtz Law.

Collection agencies can be good tools. If you are unsure about their role, consult an attorney for your options.

Our firm is authorized by the law to file lawsuits, pursue collection and seize assets on behalf of our clients. It is our duty to seek to recover all amounts that creditors are entitled to under the law.

We are aggressive, but cost-conscious. We strongly believe in providing forthright, honest information to our clients regarding the likelihood of future collection of a debt.

Sometimes, a debtor simply may not be able to pay the debt or after obtaining judgment, will not have any assets to recover to satisfy the judgment.

It does not always make sense to pursue a debtor with substantial debt or existing judgments. We work with our clients to avoid, to the extent possible, litigation costs and uncollectible judgments.

At Kurtz Law, we are client –focused in the use of our skills and advocacy. If you have a commercial collection matter, please do not hesitate to call for a consultation.

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