Business Litigation

Business disputes and commercial transactions necessitate the skills of an experienced business attorney. Complex issues arise related to money transactions, asset purchases, finance, asset recovery and collection. In the event that a dispute arises between commercial parties, a knowledgeable attorney has many tools that may be used pre-litigation to assist the parties in coming to an amicable solution.

If it is necessary to proceed with litigation against a debtor, an attorney will help its clients use all of the mechanisms available within the court system to collect monies due to the business.

Our firm has experience representing a variety of businesses, including the following:

∙           Commercial building materials suppliers

∙           Suppliers, subcontractors and general contractors

∙           Service suppliers, including restaurants, petroleum, employment agencies, pharmaceutical, trucking

∙           Finance companies

∙           Equipment leasing companies

∙           Banks

∙           Lenders, business and individuals

∙           Nationwide, regional and local businesses

∙           Corporations and sole proprietors

∙           Collections agencies

∙           Debt buyers

The services provided by the firm include, but are not limited to:

∙           Unsecured contracts

∙           Secured contracts

∙           Credit/open account agreements

∙           Industry-specific agreements

∙           Purchase and sale agreements

∙           Supply contracts

∙           Leases

∙           Guarantees

∙           Service contracts

∙           Consulting agreements

∙           Confidentiality agreements

∙           Warranty agreements

∙           Employment agreements

In order to provide the best service and information to our clients, we search for the most equitable or optimal solutions.

Due-diligence performed by our firm to assess the current risk factor includes, but is not limited to, pending lawsuits and judgments, state and federal tax lien filings, UCC filings, secured creditor information, payment histories, personal and corporate information on the owners of the business and other asset details.

In the event that it is necessary to proceed with litigation in a commercial matter, Kurtz Law is prepared to handle all aspects of the litigation, from filing the complaint to obtaining a judgment and beyond, to the judgment collection.

We will thoroughly investigate your claim, negotiate responsibly and litigate the claim aggressively, but economically.

Our goal is to provide consultations with clients so that their business can be operated in an efficient and productive manner. Contact Kurtz Law for a consultation on a business litigation matter today.

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